In Norway, Hydro has many important production sites as well as the company's global headquarters in Oslo

In Sunndal, Hydro operates the largest primary aluminium plant in Europe. The Karmøy plant produces primary aluminium and rolled aluminium strip. The Årdal and Høyanger plants produce primary aluminium. Hydro has a rolling mill at Holmestrand.

In addition, Hydro wholly or partially owns and operates 17 hydroelectric power stations. These power stations produce electricity for many of Hydro’s aluminium plants in Norway. Combined they produce about 9 terrawatt hours of electricity per year.

Our 50% joint venture with Orkla, Sapa, has operations in Norway. Sapa is the world leader in aluminium solutions within extrusions, building systems, and precision tubing.

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Revenue figure from Annual Report 2016 based on customer location. We only list number of employees and locations for companies with an ownership higher than 50%.